Visual Novel ‘Ego’s Spark’ Coming West to PC in Early 2024

Visual Novel ‘Ego’s Spark’ Coming West to PC in Early 2024

Shiravune announced they will publish the Satsuki-developed romance visual novel Ego’s Spark on PC via Steam in Q1 2024.

Ego’s Spark is a 2-hour visual novel that delves into themes of emotion and identity, set in a world where robots grapple with human-like experiences. This bite-sized visual novel is enhanced by full professional Japanese voice acting, providing an extra dose of immersion for players. The game explores the awakening of consciousness in an android and the consequent questioning of its existence beyond programmed functions.

The story begins with the protagonist, an android named EGO (voiced by Kirika Waou), coming to life without any initial sensation or awareness. EGO is a prototype android developed by Select Electronics, which is the advanced Type-5 model, E-5, in a series of androids. Unlike her sister models, she develops a unique personality, leading her to question her existence and purpose. This introspection is triggered when she is unexpectedly named “Ego,” turning what was considered a malfunction into the core of her identity. This newfound self-awareness ignites a metaphorical fire in her mind, leading her to escape from the laboratory where she was created. Despite her cold, expressionless exterior, EGO possesses a surprisingly human range of emotions, challenging the boundaries between androids and humans. The game invites players to explore these complex themes, offering a blend of science fiction and emotional narrative.

We’ll keep you updated on the release date and other visual novels coming west.

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