Killing Game Visual Novel ‘Closed Game’ Coming West to PC in 2021 Uncensored

JAST USA announced they will publish the Empress-developed killing game visual novel Closed Game on PC-via the JAST USA store in 2021. Additionally, online store J-List will begin taking pre-orders in early 2021 for a limited physical release, which has yet to be revealed.

Closed Game takes place in a world starved of natural resources and divided between rich and poor. However, there exists a place known as Caelum Urbs, and those few who are born there will never have to experience want, hunger, or disease. For someone on Earth to get in, all it takes is for them to survive the Closed Game, a killing game gauntlet. If you want, you’ll get sent to the heavens to live out your life.

Closed Game features art from the Japanese artists Seishoujo, know for his previous works, Starless and Bible Black. The game features dark themes and will release in the west uncensored. As you could already expect, the game includes adult themes and situations.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the western release of Closed Game and its physical version.

For now, you can watch the announcement trailer that introduces a few of the contestants, which has been humorously censored to meet YouTube viewing standards:

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