Cat-Girl Cafe Visual Novel ‘Amairo Chocolate’ Confirmed Western Release on PC

Sekai Project announced that they will publish the English release of the Cabbage Soft-developed cat-girl visual novel Amairo Chocolate on PC-via Steam.

Currently, the game is available in Chinese and Japanese, but Sekai Project has confirmed that they will release the game in English, and the title is now 30% translated.

Amairo Chocolate tells the story of a boy who finds himself in Yunagi Village, the first person he meets happens to be a cat-eared waitress at a cafe named Setalia. It’s discovered that some of the girls in this village are therianthropes, which means they are half-animal and half-human. However, normal humans can’t see their ears and tails, which makes the protagonist of this story unique. Well, now that he knows their secret, he must work at the cafe with them and through this, he’ll experience the daily life of Cafe Setalia.

There are four girls to meet in the visual novel across three different routes, each is manifestations of different dogs and cats, Russian Blue, Pomeranian, Poodle, and American Shorthair. Each girl is different, and throughout the story, players will be able to spend time with them and learn more about their situation and any other secrets they may have.

You can check out screenshots for the visual novel below:

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