Romance Visual Novel ‘Amairo Chocolate 2’ Coming West to PC

Sekai Project announced they will publish the Cabbage Soft-developed cat-girl visual novel Amairo Chocolate 2 on PC in the west.

Amairo Chocolate 2 takes place during a new season after Yuzuki came to a town only to discover that he can see girls with animal ears which are typically hidden from humans. This leads him to work at the Cafe Setaria so they can keep a watchful eye on him. The story takes place after Christmas when he meets a lost girl looking for a traditional sweet shop. After he finds it, he learns it’s run by her sister, who has rabbit ears.

The chance run-in has Yuzuki take up jobs at both the cake shop, Sweet Tail, and the newly opened sweet shop, Mochizuki, and his days just keep getting busier. I’m sure he’ll be fine, though, considering this only opens new romance routes for the busy worker, and now that a rabbit girl is involved, he’s sure to have all his bases covered.

In case you missed it, check out our review of Amairo Chocolate.

We’ll keep you updated on the release of Amairo Chocolate 2 in the west. The game currently doesn’t have a release window, but more will be announced soon.

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