Visions of Mana Announced for PlayStation, Xbox & PC 2024

Visions of Mana Announced for PlayStation, Xbox & PC 2024

During The Game Awards 2023, Square Enix announced a brand-new Mana game titled Visions of Mana for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Windows and Steam for 2024.

This is a brand-new action RPG for the Mana franchise that will take players on a new journey with protagonist Val, “a soul guard assigned to protect his childhood friend, who has been chosen by the Faerie as the Alm of Fire to travel to the Tree of Mana and rejuvenate the mana flow.”

Mana Series Producer, Masaru Oyamada, stated the following:

“I am delighted to finally be able to reveal Visions of Mana, the first mainline instalment to Mana series in over fifteen years. The development team have been working hard to ensure that Visions of Mana remains faithful to the series that players know and love while also offering fans and newcomers a fresh new experience with an all-new story, characters, and gameplay mechanics. We cannot wait to share more details about the game with you soon.””

Masaru Oyamada also stated the following:

“Hello everyone,

My name is Masaru Oyamada and I work as producer for the Mana series. It has been over 15 years since the last mainline entry in the series, so l am delighted to be able to announce Visions of Mana, which also represents the fulfillment of my personal ambition to create an all-new Mana game.

This game is an Action RPG where you will travel through an expansive world filled with vibrant nature and elemental spirits. We have strived to create beautiful landscapes to explore, with in-game visuals that hold up to the wonderful teaser art drawn for us by Mr. HACCAN, so I look forward to seeing players fully immerse themselves in Visions of Mana’s world of adventure!

The creator of the Mana series, Mr. Koichi Ishii, has also worked closely with us to re-imagine the familiar monsters, including the iconic rabites, for this latest installment.

Mr.Ishiis uniquely cute and charming designs combine with the innate fiendishness of these beasts to push the series visuals to a new level fitting for the latest Mana game.

The music is expertly handled by our three composers returning from Trials of Mana, Mr. Hiroki Kikuta, Mr. Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Mr. Ryo lamazaki. You can expect great things from their scores, where each of their personal touches shine through to brighten the adventure at every turn!

We still have loads more to show you, including the comrades who will join you on your journey and details of how you will fight in battle, so you can look forward to further information coming soon.”

You can view official screenshots for Visions of Mana via our gallery below:

You can view the key art for Visions of Mana below by series artist HACCAN, “which gives players a glimpse of the iconic Tree of Mana against one of the game’s enchanting vistas and a variety of the heartwarming characters that players can expect to encounter within the game.”

VoM teaser artwork by HACCAN

You can view the announcement trailer for Visions of Mana below:

The mobile Mana game, Echoes of Mana, ended service earlier this year.

Trials of Mana tells the story of six heroes whose fates will have them fighting towards the same goal of protecting the world when its Mana has been weakened. Each character has a different fighting style and path on the adventure. Players can switch through the characters in real time to utilize their diverse abilities and skills in the field.

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