Uncooperative Multiplayer Shooter ‘Vicious Circle’ First Screenshots Revealed

Rooster Teeth has released the first screenshots of the upcoming fast-paced uncooperative multiplayer shooter Vicious Circle, which is expected to launch later this year on PC.

Vicious Circle is a brand spanking new IP developed by Rooster Teeth Games. What’s so vicious about Vicious Circle, you ask? Well, the game has four mercenaries compete for loot against a terrifying monster — and each other — in a comic-inspired sci-fi universe drawn with colorful visuals and a retro-future art style. It seems that with Vicious Circle, you’re either first, or you’re last, and having a blast.

Via a press release, Michael Hadwin, head of game development at Rooster Teeth, mentions what he and his team hope to achieve with Vicious Cricle, “Our goal with Vicious Circle is to create something incredibly addicting and fun while staying true to Rooster Teeth’s sense of humor our fans have come to expect.”

For each round players take on in the game, one player will be selected to become a massive, unstoppable creature with one simple goal: kill all four mercenaries. This survive-or-die dilemma is where teamwork comes into play as players that are mercs can potentially be a force to be reckoned with when working together. Coming up with various strategies, like diving and conquering, or using certain powerful abilities at specific moments, will ultimately decide who survives or dies.

But, here’s the catch: Only the player with the most loot will win the round, so Vicious Circle isn’t going to be some sort of happy go lucky, we’re-all-in this-together escapade. Sure, strategy and skill will be required to survive, but to win, playing dirty will be the way to go, for sure. Players can use gadgets and the environment to screw each other players over, like locking doors to temporarily stop other players, or even suck up other players’ loot.

All in all, Vicious Circle‘s name is telling of what players can expect from the game: One heck of a wild whirlwind that’ll keep you on your toes at all times. For those that make it out to RTX 2019, happening in Austin, Texas, July 5-7, the game will be playable there, so hey, maybe give it a whirl.

For now, give Vicious Circle‘s battlefields a good look by checking out these screenshots below:

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