Cut Throat Multiplayer Shooter ‘Vicious Circle’ Out Now on PC

Rooster Teeth Games has announced that Vicious Circle, the fast-paced uncooperative multiplayer shooter, is out now on PC-via Steam for $19.99.

The game features the voice talent of some of Rooster Teeth’s most notable personalities, and it will be updated with new mercs, monsters, maps, modes, gadgets, skins, events and more with free Seasonal Battle Passes in the coming months.

For those that want to experience the insanity of the game with the Rooster Teeth gang, on Friday, August 16, from 3PM – 9PM CDT, Rooster Teeth will host the “Vicious Summer” livestream event on and to celebrate Vicious Circle’s release. Vicious Summer is six hours of live gaming shenanigans and comedy featuring a variety of online gaming talent separated into five teams to compete against each other Olympics-style. Competitions include playing Vicious Circle, an eating competition, Bob “Sauce” Ross challenge, Vicious Beer Pong, and other fun outdoor summer games.

Set in a vibrant yet gritty comic-inspired sci-fi universe, Vicious Circle has four mercenaries compete for loot against a menacing monster – all the while competing with one another to be the one and only winner.

In each round players take on in Vicious Circle, one lucky player is selected to enter the role of an insane creature with one simple yet satisfying goal: kill all four mercenaries. This is easier said than done, however, as the merc squad can truly put a stop to the monster when working together — for instance, using their powerful abilities together to cause some serious danger. The catch with all this, though, is that the merc with the most loot wins, so buddying up with others will only get you so far in each round.

Playing dirty is clearly the way to go, such as using gadgets, along with the environment to mess with your adversaries — whether it’s slowing them down by locking doors or trapping them in rooms, or sucking loot right out from under them. Players that are a part of the merc crew need to constantly change up their playstyle to win. But of course, if you end choosing to go the “stab you behind the back” route, just know that what goes around, comes around.

See just how vicious Vicious Circle is by checking out the launch trailer below:

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