Strategy RPG Visual Novel ‘VenusBlood Hollow’ Receives Free Demo

JAST USA has released a free demo for the Ninetail-developed strategy RPG VenusBlood Hollow, in development for a PC release in the west.

The demo is available now for free from the JAST USA Store. The demo is free and allows players to test out the RPG systems and get a brief introduction of the characters.

It may have the UI of a complicated SRPG, but the experience is made to be approachable, with some depth for those who wish to increase the difficulty. Still, many are here for the waifus, and that’s what you’ll get no matter which way you play.

Additionally, there will release both an 18+ and an all-ages version of the game.

VenusBlood Hollow tells the story of a world ruled by demons after the goddesses Elnath was defeated. There are four queens who oversee this dark world who have maintained a pact of non-intervention. That is until the Dark Empress Karvia was caught doing something she shouldn’t have, and the three other queens decided to confront her. Despite being surrounded, Karvia decided that she will stand her ground and enlisted the help of the war hero and protagonist Leonhardi to step on the battlefield again.

We’ll keep you up to date on the release of VenusBlood Hollow in the west.

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