VenusBlood GAIA International Comes West to PC Later This Week; Steam Version Delayed

JAST announced that the Ninetail-developed strategy RPG VenusBlood GAIA International is available now for pre-order on the JAST Store for its July 28, 2023 release. However, the Steam Version has been delayed.

In a post, the developer shares they were able to get a Steam Store Page up, but the game’s launch will be delayed due to complications with the Steam process. They currently do not have a release date to share for this version of the game.

Further, the Chinese version has also been delayed, as the developers shared:

The Simplified Chinese translation of the scenario is almost complete, but we are working on improving the translation overall to ensure that players get the best gameplay experience possible. The best feature of the VenusBlood series is in the variety of female characters full of personality, but also the combat that is full of charm, strategy, and playability. We wanted this game to be unique and great as a Visual Novel and as a Strategy game, and to this end, we have decided that we need more time to polish the system and details of the text translation.

As a result, despite both versions being delayed, it is likely that the English Steam Version will be releasing ahead of the Chinese version.

In order to bring you a higher quality game experience, we will make the final translation corrections as soon as possible. We apologise once more for this disappointing news, and we will do our best to get it done as soon as possible.

As a result of this delay, we have decided to TEMPORARILY remove the Chinese version compatibility (the ✔ mark ) on the Steam page where it shows supported languages. Do note, however, that this is merely TEMPORARY and this does not mean the Chinese version will not release. It is still planned for release, though we are currently unable to provide a concrete date.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation.

VenusBlood GAIA tells the story of the Archduke of Energeia, Theofrad. After the island of Palastra, once regarded as a shining gem, was ravaged by an unknown plague, monsters started roaming the lands. However, he found a way to save this decaying land: using a new energy source called Ether.

However, the Holy Dragon Empire Granleyd regarded his ideas as heresy, declaring a holy war on Energeia. As the fate of the world is in his hands, Theofrad will have to find allies and fight as an underdog against a unified world adamant to destroy his revolutionary ideas. Your choices may lead you down a route of justice and nobility (Law) or a darker one (Chaos), each with unique endings, including some tied to the heroines and even some secondary heroines.

Battles are played in a Strategy RPG style that resembles a tower defense, with players setting traps and positioning their units accordingly to stop enemies in their tracks. Defending Energeia will mean using your female partners’ DNAs to create formidable soldiers and learning new tricks along the way.

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