Erotic Strategy RPG ‘VenusBlood GAIA’ English Release Gets July Release Date

Ninetail has announced the official date for VenusBlood GAIA‘s English release. The latest game in the erotic SRPG series to get an international version will be available on July 28, 2023. This is a slight delay from their original plan, which was June 2023 but there were circumstances beyond their control. The Kickstarter goods should arrive by this date according to their latest update.

VenusBlood GAIA tells the story of the Archduke of Energeia, Theofrad. After the island of Palastra, once regarded as a shining gem, was ravaged by an unknown plague, monsters started roaming the lands. However, he found a way to save this decaying land: using a new energy source called Ether.

However, the Holy Dragon Empire Granleyd regarded his ideas as heresy, declaring a holy war on Energeia. As the fate of the world is in his hands, Theofrad will have to find allies and fight as an underdog against an unified world adamant to destroy his revolutionary ideas. Your choices may lead you down a route of justice and nobility (Law) or a darker one (Chaos), each with unique endings, including some tied to the heroines and even some secondary heroines.

Battles are played in a Strategy RPG style that resembles a tower defense, with players setting traps and positioning their units accordingly to stop enemies in their tracks. Defending Energeia will mean using your female partners’ DNAs to create formidable soldiers and learning new tricks along the way.

VenusBlood GAIA is said to have over 50 hours of story content, and includes illustrations by Toshizo, Tange Genta, Shiroie Mika, Kirikawa Ikumu, Nakai Show, and Shiizaki Hinaki. The story is written by Iruka, Akumakko, Keimaru, and Uchiyama Ryousuke. The translation of the routes is handled by Eleventacle, DS55, Dr.Octopus, Hentaiger, and J. “Bango” Colmenares, with editing by Soku Johnson.

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