SRPG Visual Novel ‘VenusBlood GAIA’ English Localization Funded Within 24 Hours

Developer Ninetail launched the Kickstarter for the English localization of VenusBlood GAIA, a new entry in the VenusBlood series.

The developer was asking for $100,882 to fund the project, which they surpassed in 24 hours. Currently, the campaign has 28 days left to go and multiple stretch goals to grab on its way to the finish line. The stretch goals include new characters and story scenes as well as new units for battles.

VenusBlood GAIA takes place on the island of Palastra, which was once a shining gem of the Golden Age, but has since been ravaged by plague. Creatures now roam the lands, but the Archduke of Energeia, Theofrad, may have found a way to save the realm. The Holy Dragon Empire Granleyd outlawed the use of Ether as heresy, declaring a holy war on Energeia. And so begins Theofrad’s uphill battle against the Empire, all for the sake of saving the world.

The gameplay has players fight back against the decaying world, which is home to several antagonists that stand in your way. The battle system features SRPG mechanics where players traverse the labyrinth and set traps that will help defend their position. Each floor increases in difficulty, but players can level up units and unlock new ways to stop enemies.

VenusBlood GAIA is planned to release in Mid 2023. However, the stretch goals may require the game to receive an extended development time.

You can watch the trailer below:

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