SRPG Visual Novel ‘VenusBlood Frontier International’ Gets Western Release Date

Dual Tail announced that the Ninetail developed SRPG visual novel VenusBlood Frontier will launch on PC in the west-via Steam and JAST USA on December 20.

The release date is to coincide with the Internation Edition of VenusBlood Frontier launching on JAST USA’s website. However, they haven’t gone through the Steam review process, but don’t see any foreseeable delay issues with the game. Additionally, the developer has shared the stretch goal character Disir. Her design concept is said to be a gender-bent version of another character in the game.

Disir was once the Princess of the Utagradian Empire. She is the daughter of Surt and older of Farba as well as the mother of Hel, Fenrir, and Jorm. She was once a powerful warrior but died at the hands of Surt after challenging him.

VenusBlood Frontier International is the global release of VenusBlood Frontier. It contains everything from the original story released in Japan, but through a Kickstarter project, the team was able to return to the game and add balancing as well as new characters. Additionally, the team has added new h-scenes to the project so players can romance Tyrca, Jorn, and Fena. The soundtrack has also been updated for this release.

You can check out The Golden Heroine Disir’s illustration below:

VenusBlood Frontier International

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