RPG Visual Novel ‘VenusBlood Frontier International’ Receives Steam Page With Gameplay Details and Screenshots

JAST USA has launched the Steam page for the Ninetail developed RPG visual novel VenusBlood Frontier International, with a scheduled release date planned for December 20.

The Steam page provides some in-depth details about the game’s story which revolves around a battle against the holy floating continent of Yggdrasil and the Dark Lord Surt. Evidently, the Dark Lord wants the Heart of Yggdrasil and will do anything he can do get it. This encourages Surt’s heirs to invade, amongst them is Loki, who plays a large role in the game’s narrative.

During gameplay, players will create their divisions of up to 6 units as they rush into battle against the enemy. There is an additional layer of management as players will need to secure resources and build structures on the captured territory. These could be facilities that produce gold, food, magic, resources, or training grounds for your soldiers.

During battles, players can invade the city of Yggdrasil and take over the nations. It is up to the player what happens next as they are allowed to befriend the captured goddesses or corrupt them. Throughout the game, many choices must be made and with them comes multiple endings as you lead the goddess to a new “Frontier.”

VenusBlood Frontier International is an adult RPG contain, “Fantasy Violence, Revealing Outfits, Sexual Innuendo, Mind Control Through Magic, General Mature Content.”

You can check out new screenshots from the game below:

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