Journey-Inspired Adventure ‘Vane’ Gets PC Release Date

Friend & Foe announced that their Journey-inspired adventure puzzle game, Vane, will launch on PC-via Steam on July 23.

Originally launched on PlayStation 4 earlier this year, Vane tells a story that revolves around human evolution and creation. During gameplay, players explore a world through the eyes of several different beings as the world around them changes from an open world oasis to a catastrophic dungeon.

“We’ve always known Vane was going to be something of a marmite game, as it emphasizes mood and atmosphere over more conventional gameplay mechanics,”  said art director Rasmus Deguchi. “We know it’s not a game for everyone, and that’s okay. Those looking for something a little more experimental, a little more arthouse, will find that Vane is unlike anything they’ve played before. We think a good number of PC players seek something a little more ‘out there’, and we believe Vane will satisfy that curiosity.”

The game takes a minimalistic approach to tell its story and relies on the player to fill in some blanks and draw their own conclusion. There isn’t very much hand-holding in this game from the developer, and the player is encouraged to explore the environment and discover more about this strange world.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game.

You can watch the new PC trailer below:

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