Vampire Survivors Update 1.5 Releasing Tomorrow; New Character, Stage, Relics & More

Vampire Survivors has been a huge hit among PC Gamers since the game had been released on Steam and quickly had a price hike as the popularity of the title prompted developers to create additional content.

The mixture of rogue-lite survival elements had a game that players could pick up casually but never want to put down. Now a new update promises to make sure that players will have something new to come back to as they survive the hoard of unholy creatures of the night.

We have compiled the new content that players can sink their teeth into when update 1.5 comes out tomorrow for Steam, Xbox, and mobile devices:

  • 6 New Achievements
  • New Stage: Astral Stair
    • Seemingly endless corridors, flying paintings, and a gameshow-like spinning wheel that triggers random events – on the new stage Astral Stair the players face overwhelming chaos and a few surprises.
  • New Character & Weapons Evolutions
    • Morph character Yatta Cavallo into their new form! This will also evolve their ability Cherry Bomb into a new attack.
  • New Relic: Trisection
    • A new game mode option called “Randomize Minute Events.” It adds a spinning wheel to the corner of the screen that starts special events every minute and decides what enemy waves and other misfortunes your hero encounters next. Good luck, you will need it!
    • Reminder: On PC, there is a Twitch mode that lets viewers vote on the next event and ensure their favourite streamers have a great time… or turn things into complete chaos. We’re not judging. (In Twitch mode, Trisection can not be used as it basically does the same thing).
  • New Relic: Chaos Rosalia
    • Allows the character Yatta Cavallo to morph into a new form when reaching level 80.
  • New Relic: Map of Astral Stair
    • A map of the new stage.
  • New Pickup: GoldFinger
    • Do you have what it takes to earn a Golden, Devil, or even Cosmic finger rank? This pickup starts a special event that makes your character powerful and invincible for a set amount of time. The more enemies you defeat during GoldFinger time, the better your score and prize.

You can view the new update video for Vampire Survivors below:

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