Roguelite Fantasy-Adventure ‘Vambrace: Cold Soul’ Details Combat in New Trailer

Headup Games released a new trailer for the Devespresso Games developed roguelite fantasy-adventure Vambrace: Cold Soul, coming to PC-via Steam and GOG on May 28. A PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch version are planned for release in Q3 2019.

The trailer is from a series of videos aimed to give an overview of the features of the game. This entry focuses on the game’s combat where players will need to face off against Shades. Players will create a powerful team of four and who are each unique with skills and special attacks. During a turn, players are able to attack, flee, or use a special Flourish attack for critical attacks. Attacks have range, which determines who you can attack first on the field. This also means putting a tank character up front to take damage is necessary. The battle system has a layer of strategy that players will need to get used to as they play through the game.

Before the game’s release players can expect to see a third story trailer detailing exploration through Icenaire.

Vambrace: Cold Soul follows a group of survivors who are fighting back against the King of Shades, the leader of a group of evil beings who have cursed the city of Icenaire. However, a woman named Evelia Lyric has emerged as someone who is capable of entering Icenaire and defeating the King of Shades.

You can watch the new gameplay overview trailer below:

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