Valve Reveals Half Life: Alyx as a VR Experience Coming in 2020

In a rather strange string of events, Valve has released a trailer for Half-Life: Alyx. What’s even odder in that it will be a strictly VR experience, completely immersing you in the role of Alyx Vance (yes, from Half-Life 2).


The trailer for the game gives us a look into the world and gameplay we’ll be seeing in this entry. The description for the trailer reads:

Set between the events of Half Life and Half Life 2, Half Life: Alyx is a new full length game built from the ground up by Valve for Virtual Reality

While this doesn’t tell us much besides it being Virtual Reality only and it’s placed in the timeline, it’s still a massive surprise to everyone. After all, the saying of “Valve doesn’t make games anymore” exists for a reason.


So let’s breakdown what we saw. The trailer shows us a glimpse of some exciting shooting mechanics kind of reminiscent of what you’d see in The Lab, Valve’s VR Tech Demo, from 2016. It also seems very fast-paced, making me wonder how it will fare with those interested in the game but who suffer from motion sickness.

Now, the story seems to revolve around Alyx and the invasion of the Combine. While not much else is known about what exactly we will be dealing with, I speculate that it will do with trying to reverse the invasion.

Final Thoughts

With this game set to release sometime in March of 2020, we can only wait and see what Valve has been developing behind the scenes. With 12+ years since the last major release from Valve, and a third game in the Half-Life franchise (8th if you count all the episodes and expansions), we can only really hope that this closes some gaps in the timeline.

You can watch the trailer below:

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