Valve Rejects Educational Yuri Visual Novel ‘The Expression: Amrilato’ Delaying Release on the Steam Platform

MangaGamer recently celebrated the release of the SukeraSparo developed all-ages educational yuri title The Expression: Amrilato on PC-via MangaGamer and

However, it seems the publisher has run into some last minute hold-ups when trying to get their title onto Valve’s Steam platform. Evidently, Valve has considered the game unfit for its platform, perhaps due to the content, and rejected the game from being hosted on their platform. This rejection will delay the game from being released on the online store page as MangaGamer looks into what could be the issue.

When asked for comment on the decision, MangaGamer’s PR Director, John Pickett, had this to say, “Valve’s claim that this title ‘sexualizes minors’ is quite frankly absurd and discriminatory. The Expression: Amrilato is an educational title and it has no sexual content. Period.”

John continues, “While we sincerely hope this isn’t the case, the only conclusion we can draw from the feedback we’ve been provided with is that Valve now considers chaste romance between two women inherently ‘sexual’ and thus inappropriate for all audiences outside an adult context. Despite our many attempts to reach out to them for clarity on their “anything that isn’t illegal or trolling” policy––neither of which apply to this title––Valve has resoundingly refused to provide any, so all we can do is express our concern over what this could mean for freedom of expression and the LGBT gaming community.”

This all-ages visual novel features a romantic story about a girl named Rin who has found herself in a magical world. However, the inhabitants of this world may look human but speak a different language than herself. After meeting a girl name Ruka, the educational element of the game begins.

The player and Rin will both struggle to understand the characters met throughout the story. However, the game ends up teaching an actual language, Esperanto. Yes, that’s true, during this game players will learn Esperanto along with Rin as she gets closer to Ruka and learns more about this new world.

You can watch the launch trailer below:

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