Utawarerumono Prequel ‘Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten’ Now Available on PS4 & PS5 in the West; Launch Trailer

Publisher NIS America has announced that the Aquaplus-developed Utawarerumono franchise prequel, Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten, is now available in the West on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A launch trailer was released to accompany this news.

The Fan of Piety and Lucky Cat Ornament DLC are free until September 19, 2023.

European audiences will receive the title in three days on September 8, 2023.

Monochrome Mobius celebrates the Utawarerumono series’ 20th anniversary, showing what happened when Oshtor, Mikazuchi, and Munechika were younger. As Oshtor finds a young girl who seems to know his father, he decides to go on a journey to look for him in the land of Arva Shulan. This is but the start of yet another epic tale in the Utawarerumono universe.

Combat is turn-based, with fairly traditional elements alongside the action ring mechanic that transparently communicates enemy and ally turn orders. Players can also distribute stat points for growth across each level up and accomplish several sidequests.

The Utawarerumono spin-off focused on Oshtor’s story was released on PC (Steam) back in 2022 in English, thanks to publisher Shiravune.

If you missed it, check out our review of Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten’s PC version.

We also reviewed this PlayStation 5 version.

You can view the launch trailer for Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 below:


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