Yuri Visual Novel ‘UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~’ Gets Steam Page, Opening Video and Story Trailer

Sekai Project has shared a few updates on UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~. Also known as Uso kara Hajimaru Koi no Natsu (Summer Love Begins with a Lie), the visual novel developed by LYCORIS now has a Steam page, and two new videos on YouTube showing the opening animation and a story trailer explaining the concept of the game.

UsoNatsu tells the story of Tachibana Kaoru, a girl whose heart is broken after she confesses her love to her homeroom teacher Shimotsuki Mirei. After the fact, she opens up to her classmate Minagi Shiori, a model student who happened to see everything, and gets a weird proposal: helping Shiori forget the clutch her older brother has on her life and, in turn, making enough memories to overwrite Kaoru’s first crush.

Together the two decide to start a “tour of memories” to become closer. But things may not be so simple, as another classmate, Inohara Riku, learns of their relationship and is likely to interfere somehow since she loves Shiori. According to the Steam description, the story combines some slapstick fun and a poignant love story.

The staff behind UsoNatsu includes character designer Shio Koji and scriptwriter Akeo. Both of them worked on Fatal Twelve before. We still don’t have a release date for the project, though it’s expected to release sometime later in 2023.

Check out the new UsoNatsu videos which showcase the opening animation and a general gist of the story:

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