Uragon Interview – Bringing Cyberpunk Waifus to the Masses

Uragon Interview – Bringing Cyberpunk Waifus to the Masses

Sometimes games go unnoticed and although it might have an audience, that audience might not know it exists. After seeing the first trailer for Uragoner, I wasn’t going to let that happen to this game because this game definitely has an audience.

After the brief look at the game from the trailer and some screenshots, we had the chance to speak with Uragon Games’ programmer Chris Hutchinson to learn more about Uragoner as well as their plans for the future development of the game.

uragoner 1

Azario Lopez: Let’s talk about Uragon Games for a moment, how and when did this group form? Do you have any kind of mission statement that you hope to accomplish for the future?

Chris Hutchinson: We’ve been friends for over 10 years due to our mutual interests, we’re both freelancers by day working on other people’s content, I’m a programmer and he’s an artist. A while ago I offered that if he wanted to work on a project together I thought we would work really well together. Our schedules finally aligned earlier this year so we decided that it’s now or never and brainstormed what we would really like in a game and that’s what we have with URAGONER. Our mission statement has been to make a fun game that we want to play!

AL: You recently launched the first trailer for Uragoner on Patreon, why is Patreon a good avenue for you to use for this game rather than other crowdfunding means like Kickstarter?

CH: Patreon gives supporters a lot of control. I personally feel like once a Kickstarter is funded the vision is set in stone. With Patreon we felt that supporters have more power to influence what we work on and the direction we’re heading as we’re not holding all of the supporter’s money upfront.

uragoner 3

AL: Uragoner is described as a cyberpunk RPG, what was the inspiration for the game’s combat system and what are some unique aspects about that fans can look forward too?

CH: We’re massive fans of Darkest Dungeon and take a lot of inspiration from the permadeath and combat mechanics from there, we also love weapon customization and built gameplay around customizing your character’s weapons before heading into a mission. Customizing your weapons can change playstyles even within the same class which gives you more flexibility to play a mission how you want. We’ll be revealing more about this in future video updates!

AL: Will Uragoner have a focus on character development and world-building as players play through the campaign or will this be more of a mission-based game that focuses on leveling up and earning materials for upgrades?

CH: We have three main corporate factions that we’re going to reveal that jostle for control of territory with the ultimate goal of controlling the city. You’re in control of Uragon Corp. with a severe disadvantage until you meet Eri (our main girl), we’ll be focusing on character development throughout the story which will make it extremely painful if you lose a girl in battle.

uragoner eri

AL: Currently, the game has three characters, but are their plans for more in the future?

CH: We’ll be hitting double digits for sure.

AL: Can you explain a little bit about how the permadeath system works in the game?

CH: After a lot of divisive feedback about permadeath as a concept, Kuso released a tweet talking about it. Permadeath will be optional but for those players who choose to enable it when a character dies in battle they are gone forever from your roster, but this is the future and technology has advanced, it could be possible to bring a girl back, but will they be the same if you succeed? Is an exact copy of a person the same person?

uragoner 2

AL: The game also has a focus on waifus and building a relationship with your party, does this mean there will be 18+ content in the game?

CH: We’ll have 18+ content for when you build your relationships with the girls. In the future, we want to have safe for work mode where the only lewdness is handholding.

AL: What is the current timeline for a public demo of the game?

CH: Because this is funded on Patreon we want to get feedback as quickly as possible so we’ll be releasing early alpha builds and public builds as soon as we can. On that note, if any of your readers are music producers we’re looking for someone talented!

uragoner ninja

AL: Will this be the only game from Uragon Games or can we expect other titles from the team in the future?

CH: We don’t have any other games planned right now. We do like card games, I play a lot of Hearthstone and we both play Shadowverse, so maybe? Just kidding. Unless?

AL: Is there anything you’d like to say to those looking forward to Uragoner or hearing about it for the first time now?

CH: If cyberpunk waifus sound like your thing please come and support us! We’re very open with development and love to get feedback, our Discord is public so feel free to hop on and let us know what you think!

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