Uppers Ditches Vita for a PS4 and PC Release in the West

Marvelous Europe announced that they will publish the macho action brawler Uppers in the west on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018.

Originally released on PlayStation Vita in Japan in 2017, Uppers is set on a deserted island known as “Last Resort”. Here the player will be able to choose up to 13 playable characters to control in combat against a gang of other battle hungry individuals. Each fighter has a harem of women by their side to cheer them on in battle and power them up.

The story follows two men in their journey to the top of the rankings. Throughout their story, the player will discover why they are fighting, or rather who they are fighting for.

Uppers on PS4 and PC has been remastered with multi-language support. The game will be playable at the Marvelous Europe booth area at Gamescom 2018 for event goers to experience all the action for themselves.

You can check out the trailer and some new screenshots below:

Author’s take: Uppers is a goofy brawler that doesn’t want you to take itself seriously, the fact that it has a deep and dramatic story in it makes it so much more insane. I’ve been a firm supporter of Uppers since it released in Japan. It’s sad that it won’t release on Vita, but I’ll take what I can get.

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