Upcoming ‘Dead Cells’ DLC Revealed in Developer Documentary

Motion Twin and Red Bull today released a new documentary that not only gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Motion Twin but also reveals the first look at the upcoming DLC for Dead Cells, “Rise of the Giant” set to launch later this spring.

The Rise Of The Giant DLC will be free and packed with content as it’ll include two new zones, more bosses and enemy types, a slew of rewards like weapons and character skins, and more. If you’d like to know more, Motion Twin provided additional details about the DLC on the Dead Cells website.

Aside from DLC news, the documentary itself on Motion Twin is fantastic, so make sure to watch it. The 18-year-old studio chats about how they rose to fame thanks to their casual games in the free to play market, but then got bored and decided to mix things up a bit. The studio also explains Dead Cells’ development, like the challenges they faced while making the game, which started as a “really boring” multiplayer strategy game, and talk about future plans for their next game.

Dead Cells was initially released on Steam Early Access in 2017 and quickly found an audience due to its unique take on the roguelike genre and polished design. After its launch, the title has received plenty of love from players and critics around the world and has been a massive commercial success for Motion Twin.

Check out the Motion Twin documentary below. If you want to solely just watch DLC footage, skip to the 9:00 mark — but I highly recommend watching the entire video.

Author’s take: In a time when roguelikes are coming out left and right, Dead Cells is one of the few that really stick out to me. It’s a roguelike that I find myself going back to simply because it’s so well-crafted. Looking forward to the upcoming DLC! 

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Brad Crespo

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