Vanillaware Tactical RPG ‘Unicorn Overlord’ Playtime Estimated at 50 Hours; 100 Hours for All Sidequests

In an interview with the Japanese magazine Famitsu with the producer, director, and game designer of Atlus and Vanillaware’s upcoming Unicorn Overlord, it was revealed that the game’s average play time can vary from 50 hours to over 100 hours, depending on whether you choose to do all of the side content or just stick with the main story.

You can view the full translated excerpt below:

Interviewer: Given that you can freely explore the world, I can only assume there will be a lot of sidequests…how long would you say the game takes?

Nakanishi: If you just follow the main quests, it will take about 50 hours, and if you play the entire game, including the sub-quests, it will take more than 100 hours. When we tested the game internally, it took more than 100 hours across the board, and one person completed the game in 40 hours, even when playing it for the first time.

It is worth noting that the exact amount of time varies greatly from person to person since earlier in the interview, Nomata mentions that they made the game have a certain degree of freedom. Although I can’t help but be curious about who was that one person inside Vanillaware who managed to shave off 10 hours from Nakanishi’s expectations on a blind playthrough, no less.

The names and roles of the staff members interviewed are as follows:

  • Takafumi Noma (Director)
  • Wataru Nakanishi (Game Designer)
  • Akiyasu Nakamoto (Producer)

Unicorn Overlord Helpful Townsfolk Screenshot

In Unicorn Overlord, players must prepare to defy destiny and immerse themselves in a regal odyssey. This RPG promises an unforgettable journey. Brought to life by the creators of 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, this game seamlessly blends overworld exploration and a unique battle system, all in the iconic Vanillaware art style.

As a player, you will traverse a vibrant and enchanting world, forging a formidable army comprised of over 60 distinct characters, all while carving out your legacy across five illustrious nations in this grand fantasy adventure. Unleash your kingdom from the shackles of adversity and seize control of your fate in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord will launch for PlayStation 4 (digital-only), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024.

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