Unicorn Overlord Details Battlefields, Skills, and Tactics Customization; New English Screenshots

Unicorn Overlord Details Battlefields, Skills, and Tactics Customization; New English Screenshots

Atlus and Vanillaware have shared new gameplay details for their upcoming strategy JRPG Unicorn Overlord, detailing battlefields and tactical options. Firstly, on the said battlefields, battles occur in real-time, with each scenario having its own conditions for victory. Allied units can be summoned from bases hosting a blue flag, and they move forward depending on where you direct them with the cursor toward a specified destination. Additionally, defeating enemies and liberating towns grants Valor Points.

Battles occur when opposing units clash on the map, with the player confirming the encounter. However, if an enemy unit comes into contact with one of your units while an ally is nearby, you can swap who battles, which makes positioning an increasingly paramount factor. After a battle concludes, with each involved unit having used its Action Points, the defeated unit is knocked back and enters a waiting state. Then, confronting a waiting unit will grant the First Strike benefit.

Units require Stamina to participate in combat proactively. Without Stamina, they cannot move. Still, units can recover Stamina by resting, though this leaves them open to attack and unable to use skills during these disadvantageous encounters. In circumstances where you fall victim to a Game Over, special items known as Hallowed Corne Ash can be used to save yourself.

On battlefields, facilities such as Divine Effigies, which summon phenomena like cyclones and encampments, can be used to turn the tides in your favor. Moreover, Valor Skills, special abilities unique to each class, are worth perusing, though this resource is spent when units are deployed.

Battles themselves occur with predetermined roles, with combatants taking turns using their Active Skills according to their respective initiatives until their Action Points (AP) run out. These points are displayed via a red gem. On the other hand, Passive Skills, represented by a blue gem, activate automatically depending on their type.

Each character can be tactically configured, with their skill priorities able to be customized alongside two conditions for their usages. If players don’t outfit their units with tactics, they’ll simply attack without deviation. It’s also essential to consider which tactics should take precedence over another, as setting an urgent healing directive as the second priority beneath a general attack command will make that restoration never come to pass. The ideal balance to remember is that skills with stricter activation conditions should be given more precedence. An optimization functionality will also be present for those unsure how to set up their cast.

You can view new Unicorn Overlord English screenshots via our gallery below:

Unicorn Overlord is an ambitious new release by Vanillaware, known for many smash-hits, like 13 Sentinels: Aegis RimOdin Sphere, and Muramasa The Demon Blade. And in an unexpected turn from the developer, this will be a tactical adventure.

The story is set on the continent of Fevrith, comprised of five nations that face war due to a general from Cornia. The prince, Alain, flees as subjugation occurs, eventually becoming the leader of the Liberation Army a decade later. Alongside a vast cast of over 60 characters, the gameplay mechanics are extensive. Players can anticipate various quest types, which each impact the world in several ways, social activities to get to know the playable characters more intimately, town liberation and rebuilding, and even an online PvP mode to test your strategical mettle.

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Unicorn Overlord will launch for PlayStation 4 (digital-only), PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024.

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