Undertale Frisk, Toriel & Flowey Nendoroid Prototype Revealed

GoodSmile has shared a look at the prototype versions of the Nendoroids depicting Toriel and Frisk from the modern classic Undertale. The latter is also referred to as simply ‘The Human,” but Frisk is the name they go by. Further, Flowey is also included.

No word on release timing or pricing on the collective item has been shared, but we’ll be sure to update you all on any significant developments.

You can view the prototypes of these figures below:

A prototype Nendoroid of Ralsei from Undertale’s pseudo-sequel, Deltarune, was also recently unveiled.

Deltarune: Chapter 1 tells the story of Kris, a kid who ends up paired with Susie on what seems to be a particularly awful day. However, the two end up in the Dark World and find out about a prophecy that might be about them. In this place, they meet Ralsei, Lancer, and a variety of other interesting characters.

Instead of playing as only a single character, Deltarune explores the use of a party. Considering how the first two chapters ended, the next part of the story is likely to expand on multiple open ends. It’s also entirely possible that characters who look like Undertale ones will be making their appearance. Chapter 2 is also currently available.

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