The Underrated Zwei Duology Is Discounted On PC Via Steam & GOG

Publisher XSEED and developer Nihon Falcom have discounted Zwei: The Arges Adventure and Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection on PC via Steam and GOG. The former is 40% off for $8.99, while the latter is 50% off for $9.99.

Though Falcom is now mostly known for the renowned Trails and Ys franchises, Zwei is an underrated duology that has gone unnoticed by many. They are light-action JRPGs, though they are rather unconventional in mechanics and approachability. For instance, they are best optimized to control via keyboard and mouse despite being action-oriented. Further, levels are gained by eating food instead of being granted by enemy defeats.

Their localizations are amazingly qualitative, with humorous scripts that have remained with me for years post-release. Admittedly, it is worth noting that the first game, The Arges Adventure, hasn’t exactly aged well with its gameplay and can be a bit of a tough sell for modern audiences. Thankfully, The Ilvard Insurrection is enjoyable standalone despite carrying over a few characters from the former entry. Regardless, this series is worth giving a shot, especially if you’re already a Falcom fan.

Currently, the entirety of the localized Trails franchise and the Ys series are both discounted on PC via Steam and GOG.

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