Romance Visual Novel ‘Under One Wing’ Gets Western Release Date on PC

Sol Press announced that the Harmorise developed visual novel Under One Wing will launch on PC-via Steam in the west on February 15.

Under One Wing tells the story of Sasaki Junichi, the grandson of a legendary FF Pilot, who gets enrolled in Shouou Academy, a prestigious school for Fairy Fight Champions. Upon his arrival, he sees that his dorm is full of women.

Throughout the story, players will get to learn more about the characters and the world of Fairy Fighting. Sasaki seems to have his eyes set on his dormmate Hirosawa Hikari, but she seems to only be interested in planes. However, the game does have other girls as well to romance over the course of the story that tells the overarching story of Fairy Fighting.

Under One Wing features four character routes and full female voice acting as well as authentic information about WW2 Japanese prototypes planes that never made it to the battlefield. The visual has about 20 hours of content.

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You can check out the trailer and screenshots below:

Author’s take: Sol Press seems to be on top of their game with visual novels lately, this game is no exception. Hopefully, it’s as good as their other published titles.

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