Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r] Confirmed PS4 and Switch Release in Early 2020

Aksys Games announced that they will publish the French-Bread developed 2D fighter Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late|cl-r| on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in early 2020 in the west.

Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late|cl-r| is an updated version of Under Night In-Birth. There is little to no information about the game other than it will be released in 2020. The game follows a phenomenon known as “the Hollow Night”, which has enveloped regions of Japan in darkness for several centuries. To fight against this, a cast of unique characters must utilize their skills and abilities to defeat any who would stand in their way.

The game features 2D anime-style fighters and a focus on fast and flashy combos. The game requires some skill to execute some of the more powerful attacks, but it is also fairly newcomer friendly with an easy auto combo input available for players.

Currently, not much else has been shared about the game, but we did get the change to go hands-on with it and it is indeed on our list of fighting games to follow. The vibrant colors and character designs go well with the games combo system and unique fighting mechanics.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future announcements.

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