Undead Unluck Vol. 3 Review – Expanding a Negative World

Undead Unluck Vol. 3 Review – Expanding a Negative World

Undead Unluck Vol. 3 continues where Vol. 2 left off, showcasing the True Undead Negator, Vichtor, and the extreme difference between him and Andy’s personality. However, it seems like all is lost now that the evil side of Andy has awoken, and Fuko is the main target of his aggression.

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All is seemingly hopeless for Fuko until the Union arrives, adding excitement to the battle shonen, opening up the opportunity for deeper combat and expansion on the unique group of Negators. However, it can feel too quick and almost inaccurate to the dangers that have been foreshadowed in the previous manga. The idea that the “other Andy” is dangerous beyond comprehension falls short of expectations, going back to relying on the power of Unluck to handle the situation.

This is where battle shonen begins to become less about the accuracy but more about giving a cool moment to make the readers jump with excitement, and it works with some consequences attached. The concept of Vichtor being different from Andy, or the superior version of Undead, was a twist that allowed major story reveals to unfold. Still, those mysteries stay that way while the cliche concept of unrequited love takes control of the scenario.

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Even with the unfortunate disappointment that some may feel, Undead Unluck continues to appeal by building up the lore of the world, finally revealing the purpose behind the “quests” given to The Union. It makes up for the lack of depth within the previous chapters within the volume and ups the stakes within the world of Undead Unluck. There are many things that Yoshifumi Tozuka uses that act as an extremely interesting play on reality and how the world can be manipulated, making it seems as if there is an ulterior motive behind using real-world beliefs to expand on the fictional world.

As the main duo proceed to work towards their main goal, it feels more refined now that the audience has a much bigger scope of what is at stake, allowing more characters to be introduced properly and pick up the story’s pacing. There is less room for error, though, because the precise wording and acclamations made create an even stronger sense of power scaling, which can make or break a new manga such as Undead Unluck. Shonen Jump is no stranger to canceling unsuccessful manga, even if they are hundreds of chapters in.

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Overall, Undead Unluck Vol. 3 takes the series to its next level, prepping the reader for an obvious excess of over-the-top obstacles, plot twists, and powers to come into the story. It easily challenges the reader to decide if they want to follow the series, in the long run, making the JRPG elements introduced in previous volumes to the forefront of the story and characters’ decisions. The application of game terminology can either be taken seriously or dismissed. Still, the overall usage of the terms makes the manga feel fun and refreshing and shows what makes Undead Unluck truly unique.

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