When They Cry Series, Umineko, Discounted on Steam

MangaGamer has got our backs when it comes to trying to beat the heat with some cool VNs to pick up. This time with the Umineko When They Cry series, the discounts are spread across the entire story and are part of the same sale as Higurashi.

The sale is available on MangaGamer’s store and Steam for those that prefer to keep their purchases in one area. Either way, this is the perfect time for those looking to jump into a new series.

The following links are for Steam’s storefront:

In Umineko, players witness events on the island of Rokkenjima. The Ushiromiya family is hosting a conference to discuss who will obtain the inheritance family possessed by the former family head following his passing. However, suspicions arise within each individual as the apparent presence of witches and other strangers complicates matters. The truth of the inheritance and the strife that leads to reaching it is grand indeed.

While part of the When They Cry franchise, Umineko can be enjoyed standalone. It doesn’t boast the same ambiance of horror as Higurashi, but its mystique and vast, diverse cast grant it a distinct sense of identity. If you purchase this collection, you’ll be easily occupied for a pretty damn long time. It’s a substantial investment but one worth the trek.

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