Gunvolt Developer Confirms Umbraclaw Retains Challenging 2D Action That Fans Love

During PAX West 2023, we had the chance to speak with Inti Creates and learn more about their upcoming 2D-action game Umbraclaw. This new IP features a different artistic approach that fans of the developer may not be used to seeing. However, the game retains the same challenging and addictive 2D action that we all love.

Umbraclaw has players step into the paws of Kuon, a feline embarking on a treacherous odyssey through the afterlife, referred to as the “Soulplane.” This 2D side-scrolling action adventure revolves around Kuon’s quest to find his way back to his master.

As you traverse the mysterious Soulplane, you’ll rely on the “Anima Revive” system, which bestows upon Kuon the abilities of various animals. These newfound skills will be essential for surmounting the challenges that lie in your path.

Umbraclaw, the latest creation from Satoru Nishizawa, the director behind Blaster Master Zero, presents a demanding gaming experience that underscores the fact that cats possess not only charm but also coolness. The game’s captivating blend of dark yet vibrant visuals immerses players in a fantastical storybook world.

The question remains: Can Kuon overcome the Boundary and make it back home safely? Your journey into the afterlife awaits.

You can watch the interview below:

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