The Bets Are In; Horse Waifu Racing Game ‘Uma Musume’ Global Release Teased by Cygames

Cygames is currently celebrating the 1st anniversary of their horse waifu racing game Uma Musume Pretty Derby via DMM Games.

The multimedia franchise has several events underway for Eastern players, and the developer has shared their willingness to continue the main story and improve bonuses.

However, western players will be excited to know that the letter to fans includes a tease about Uma Musume coming overseas to Google Play. However, it does mention that this will be a new version of the game, which may include varied content when compared to the Japanese release.

Leave it to Cygames to get weebs into horse racing.

We’ve reached out to the developer for clarification on their statement.

Here’s a direct translation:

As part of this effort, we are also working diligently to develop a new overseas version of “Uma Musume” and a Google Play Games version. We hope that more and more trainers will play the game in various ways.

We believe that all “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” content, as well as the game itself, is content that we have created together thanks to the support of many fans, just like a real horse race.

Our translator notes: Yeah, 海外 in Japanese is…uh…rather vague. Basically, anything that’s outside Japan’s borders is considered 海外.

Uma Musume stars a group of girls who are supposed to be horses but are basically anime waifus. During gameplay, players will train and hang out with the girls as they become stronger to compete in races. Depending on the training courses and type of character, players may lose races, but at least you get to still spend time with the girls. This is a gacha game, but there’s also an anime adaptation and various other media that the developer has planned for the franchise.

You can watch a trailer for the game below to get an idea of the gameplay:

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