CyberConnect2 Details First Self-Published Title ‘Fuga: Melodies of Steel’

CyberConnect2 Details First Self-Published Title ‘Fuga: Melodies of Steel’

During Anime Expo 2019, CyberConnect2 hosted a panel to talk about their upcoming title Fuga: Melodies of Steel.

To start the panel, the team spoke about how they approach game development. The developer does not have any intention of doing sports or war simulation games, and their philosophy is to try and bring the excitement and action of being kind and discovering new things to everyone.

The company is spread across three studios around the world, Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Montreal. However, these studios do not work on separate projects. Each studio is interconnected and shares ideas and development procedures to create their titles. For example, the Montreal team will do a lot of the brush-up work on portions of a game along with other jobs like creating new characters. Also, the company has an open office environment so the entire team can talk to each other. Fun fact, the studio has manga in the lobby that staff members are required to read.

When it comes to the future, they are self-publishing Fuga: Melodies of Steel, which was a part of their C5 company challenge. The game is based on War, Revenge, and Kemono and is a simulation RPG, a genre they haven’t done before. Fuga will include rogue-like features that potentially kill players over and over, which makes them have to play through it again.

The gameplay is Fuga has players follow an order of actions. In the game, the player’s arsenal is a tank that has a Machine Gun, that can delay an enemy’s turn, Cannon, that weakens enemy armor, and Heavy Cannon, which does heavy damage. Players will be able to position their characters within each turn and, depending on the character, there will be a special effect. Special effects include Heavy Shot, Armor Break, Multi-shot and more and this differs from character to character. At the end of each battle, players will be ranked.

Depending on the way that the battle went will determine the direction of the characters and their relationship with each other. Stronger relationships will unlock events and buffs in battle. Outside of battle, players will be able to explore the tank and do mini-games as well as craft new items, but players will have action points that exhaust as they take action. After these points have been exhausted players will return to the adventure mode.

The story of Fuga focuses on the cruel reality of war and the effects that it has on the children, who make up the main protagonists. Evidently, 11 children find a mysterious tank Each of these kids has lost their families and friends to war, but there is still hope to get them back. The game will be told over 12 different chapters, but this could change. Right now, they are thinking about making the game difficult so that players will need to have honed skills in order to complete it.

Fuga will have a permadeath feature where if you die, you will need to start from the beginning of the game. After suffering a death, you don’t lose experience or skills for other playthroughs, but the idle way to clear the game will be to do it with all the characters alive at the end. However, the game will feature multiple branching paths. There is also a super-powerful weapon to get players through tough situations, but the difficult part will result in a devastating outcome.

Lastly, the voiced dialogue will be done by Japanese speakers, but they will be speaking French.

Fuga: Melodies of Steel is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC-via Steam in 2020.

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