AI: The Somnium Files Creator, Uchikoshi, Says He’s So Tired He Wants to Smoke Tobacco Until It Comes Out of His Ass

Famitsu recently published a lengthy article housing numerous comments from Japanese video game developers. And of those statements, Kotaro Uchikoshi, known for the Zero Escape series and AI: The Somnium Files, shared a rather…questionable comment.

Our team’s Ryuji and Nate translated the following passage from Uchikoshi:

“The past couple of years have been really hectic, with the release of AI: The Somnium Files, World’s End Club, and AI: The Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative.

My body and soul feel so tired, like a beaten-up parka that’s being sold for 300 Japanese yen on Mercari. I would love to just chill out at a bar to some ambient music, smoking some Starbuzz Blue Mist until it starts coming out of my ass…but I feel that if I actually do that, then our CEO, who’s currently frequenting a karate club will snap my fibula and jaws in half, so I guess I’ll be working in 2023, after all!!”

It’s good to know that he’s still an eye-brow-raising yet relatable man.

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