Uchikano: Living with My Sister Announced by MangaGamer

Publisher MangaGamer has announced visual novel Uchikano: Living with My Sister during AnimeNYC. The title developed by Moonstone’s imprint Argonauts is part of the same series as Uchikano: Living with My Girlfriend, which was released this year. There’s no release window yet.

Uchikano: Living with My Sister tells the story of Keisuke Tachibanaki whose life has been quite happy except for the fact he has been feeling a little lonely and has no girlfriend. One day his younger sister, Riho, decides to move in to his place since their parents are ill and she has to study for her entrance exams. As she has always liked him as something more than a brother, those feelings will have a chance to bloom in the game.

Riho is voiced by Kanau and this game is basically the equivalent of her route. It is an alternate story from the first Uchikano, which focused on the story of Keisuke getting more intimate with Ayame Matoi, his childhood friend. Ayame is also present as a side character in the upcoming title as are other characters whose story is part of a third game.

Characters are designed by Ran Yamazake, who has also worked on Sakuranomori Dreamers and Princess Evangile. The title should feature adult scenes and, if the previous Uchikano serves as reference, there should be no mosaics in the western release.

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