Ubisoft Announces AI Tool to Write Game NPC Dialogue & Lessen Repetition

Ubisoft has announced that their La Forge team has crafted an in-house AI tool called Ghostwriter to help narrative designers and script writers make first drafts of NPC dialogue, which they call “barks.”

The scriptwriters using this tool will input a character and variable input for said character to experience, with Ghostwriter generating new versions of the line dependent on the selected mode. Then, the scriptwriter can freely choose and edit the lines they desire to keep until voice recordings are in the works. Further, as Ghostwriter is used more often, its machine-learning systems will gradually grow, enhancing future accuracy.

The narrator goes on to say that this tool was made with narrative teams to reduce and optimize repetition, enabling more creative time and freedom.

I’ll be honest; this is easily one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen a company make in recent memory. Viewing a facet as atmosphere-defining as NPC voice acting as merely a repetitive hurdle to clear with no necessitated individuality or heart at its core inherently ruins immersion.

Ironically, this effort the team has painstakingly showcased roboticizes and drastically harms the immersion they’re yearning to produce.

Hopefully, this is scrapped because I am not on board with any of this.

The video by Ubisoft discussing Ghostwriter is viewable below:

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