Two Ambitiously Fan-Led Kingdom Hearts Celebratory Events Occurring Next Month; March Caprice & KH20

Two Ambitiously Fan-Led Kingdom Hearts Celebratory Events Occurring Next Month; March Caprice & KH20

In addition to the upcoming official Kingdom Hearts 20-year anniversary event being hosted by Square Enix in April, fans have also organized their own efforts to host two ambitious events occurring next month.

The first of these events is March Caprice, virtually occurring on March 26, 2022. During this weekend-long event, fans worldwide can express their love for the Kingdom Hearts franchise by submitting celebratory artwork, musical tributes, video essays, streams, and written series analyses. There is great variety in possible content, making this a diverse showing of the fanbase at large. Moreover, this is also the event’s second year, meaning it is a more refined iteration than last year’s debut. You can view the March Caprice website and Twitter account for more intricate information regarding this upcoming fan-led event.

Secondly, there is KH20, an event hosting in-person occurrences between March 25 through March 27 in Austin, Texas, and an online effort between March 8 through March 28. For the online portion of this month-long celebration, fans are encouraged to celebrate the Kingdom Hearts series via a plethora of video-produced content, written work, cosplays, and more. Further, each day of the event will be inhibited with a specified character and theme, granting each moment more identity. The in-person weekend event will unite numerous prominent Kingdom Hearts content creators and fans too. For more details, check out their website and Twitter account.

Ultimately, it’s genuinely heartwarming to see fans wholeheartedly and unabashedly embrace the series in such concentrated efforts for its 20-year anniversary. Regardless of what the official event in April does or does not show, there will at least be satisfying showings from fans worldwide.

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