Twisted Puzzle Adventure ‘Flawless Abbey’ Revealed in New Gameplay Trailer

Twisted Puzzle Adventure ‘Flawless Abbey’ Revealed in New Gameplay Trailer

Critical Reflex announced they will publish the Bed Head Games-developed twisted puzzle adventure Flawless Abbey on PC via Steam. A release date has not been provided.

Flawless Abbey takes place in the enigmatic and somewhat eerie Labyrinth Tower, a peculiar structure that seemingly possesses a life of its own. Inside this tower, an intricate clockwork mechanism extending well beyond the Tower’s physical boundaries orchestrates its every movement and respiration.

As the protagonist of this mysterious tale, you find yourself entangled within this labyrinthine world of clockwork and music, your past actions and motives eluding your memory. Your sole companion is a fragile yet vital musical artifact known as the Star-Key, your key to unraveling the many enigmas concealed within the Abbey’s chambers.

Embark on the ascent of the Tower, employing the power of melody to unlock your path. Along the way, you will encounter the enigmatic figure known as Aurora, a meeting that will shed light on the true objective of your presence in this cryptic place.

Dive headlong into a highly personal and atmospheric narrative that The Flawless Abbey offers, populated by captivating characters and unexpected plot twists. Journey through a meticulously handcrafted world, every texture resembling a watercolor painting, and delve into the game’s musical conundrums to unveil the Abbey’s hidden secrets. Every decision and action must be taken with great care, for if the Star-Key were to shatter, the consequences remain uncertain.

You can check out the debut trailer below:

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