Solo-Developed Twin-Stick Shooter ‘Revita’ Revealed in Trailer for PC Release

Dear Villagers announced that they will publish the BenStar-developed twin-stick shooter Revita on PC-via Steam later in 2021.

Revita has players climb a clock tower through a series of procedural encounter rooms as they clear out rooms of enemies and take on bosses. The goal of the adventure is to reclaim lost memories. Along the way, players can trade health for upgrades, which on paper sounds dangerous.

“Some people spend their time playing games in the genres they love; I prefer to make them,” said Benjamin. “This game is a love letter to action platformers, roguelites, twin-stick games, and the people who play them.”

Players will have some control over customization, but some base skills include dashing, wall-sliding, and normal shooting. There are also power-up and items to be found during each run. Several helpful options allow players to slow down time, set an outline color for enemies, and turn-on aim assist. The narrative will evolve across runs as you climb further up the clocktower.

A single person develops the game, Benjamin “Benstar” Kiefer, based in Germany. He is self-trained and loves to make games.

In case you missed it, Dear Villagers recently announced another game they are publishing, Ashwalkers.

You can check out the game in action in the reveal trailer below; we’ll be sure to follow the development and release of Revita:

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