Twin-Stick Roguelite ‘Revita’ Launches New Free Update Providing a Plethora of New Content; Updated Roadmap

Developer BenStar and publisher Dear Villagers have announced that their twin-stick indie roguelite Revita has received an Early Access update ahead of its full release next year.

Titled “The Old Friends,” the update adds the following content:

  • New heights: Enter level five of the clocktower, battling your way towards the top with higher-than-ever stakes.
  • New dangers: Face a fresh crop of enemies and survive challenging environmental perils – flash floods and more
  • New choices: Discover an extra room in the station at the clocktower’s base, and choose from five different starting guns.
  • New solutions: BenStar has overhauled the health balancing in Revita, giving first time players an easier introduction to the series.
  • Old friends: Dive ever deeper into the enigmatic world of Revita, with an expanded cast and some jammin’ additions to the soundtrack.

The game’s sole developer, Benjamin Kiefer, provided the following statement regarding the update:

“While the Old Friends update is massive and I’m super proud of it, it isn’t the end of the story by a long shot. There’s still the launch update left to go – I can’t wait for everyone to see the finished game in all its glory.”

You can view the trailer for Revita’s “The Old Friends” update below:

Additionally, the title’s content roadmap was updated, which can be viewed below:


Revita consists of players climbing through a clock tower full of procedurally generated rooms to reclaim their memory. Challenging boss battles and health compensation also await players.

Revita is currently available via Early Access on PC via Steam.

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