Narrative Adventure ‘Twin Mirror’ Launches Browser Mini-Game With Original Scenario and Chance to Win a PC for Completing

DONTNOD Entertainment has launched an interesting experience for their upcoming narrative adventure Twin Mirror.

Right now, players can head to a website where they will find a game titled “Lost on Arrival.” Here, players will investigate a lost phone, which ties into the game’s universe. Those who take on the challenge can also be rewarded with a chance to win a customized gaming PC, provided by Gigabyte, which is themed after Twin Mirror’s main character Sam’s Mind Palace, along with 20 pre-order keys for the Epic Games Store release.

During the cell phone game, it’s explained that you found the device outside of a local pub called The Coal Miner’s Haven. Players will need “curiosity and snappiness” to solve the mystery. The mini-game aims to shed some light on a few characters from the game and introduce the game’s soundtrack and a few exclusive screenshots. The game will be available until November 30.

Twin Mirror follows Sam Higgs, an investigative journalist who has to return to his hometown to say farewell to a friend. Set in Basswood, West Virginia, Sam doesn’t really want to be surrounded by these old memories, which begin to haunt him. While trying to confront his past, Sam attempts to reconnect with his loved ones and use his unique abilities to uncover the truth about what is happening around town.

During investigation scenes, Sam can explore local environments and speak with the residents. Sam’s choices during these moments will allow him to gather the correct information to lead him to the truth. However, there are no right or wrong answers, yet, players will need to accept the consequences of their choices.

Twin Mirror will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on December 1.

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