Turn-Based RPG, ‘Bravery Network Online’, Now Available on Steam Early Access

Studio GLOAM’s garbage-throwing, lunch date-offering turn-based RPG, Bravery Network Online, has arrived on Steam via early access today for a base price of $24.99. A 10% discount is applied and will last for the entirety of the title’s launch week.

You can view the title’s launch trailer below:

This title takes place in the future world of Tower 6, where the ultimate sport, Bravery, is the name of the game. With technology making resource scarcity a non-pressing issue, citizens battle each other to stay plugged in. Players take control of a team’s coach to lead them to victory.

Bravery Network Online is a turn-based RPG where players take control of 5 custom fighters. Moves from players and opponents are made in secret whenever sending one fighter out. Victory arises when all members of a team are eliminated.

You can read this title’s advertised features below:

  • A fully fleshed-out roster of weird future folks to befriend and fight!
  • Help those future folks build confidence, shore up their weaknesses, and pick out powerful necklaces to wear!
  • So many different moves, traits, and strategies to try. Want to smash with attacks? Want to whittle foes away with feelings? Want to just make a giant mess? You can do that, and more!
  • A bunch of small single-player stories exploring Tower 6, its mysteries, and curious inhabitants.
  • Online battles and rankings for folks who have that taste for competition.

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