Turn-Based JRPG ‘The Use of Life’ Reveals Choice-Filled Gameplay In Teaser Trailer; Demo Available

During the Playism 2022 game show event, the publisher released a teaser trailer for an upcoming turn-based JRPG, The Use of Life. This is a “game book multi-ending JRPG” where players encounter numerous choices that shape the course of the adventure. The ending, in particular, is heavily altered depending on those aforementioned choices. Further, TRPG-esque dice rolls aid in this delivery of choice.

Combat melds quick time events and commands with both combatants acting three times per turn, providing inestimable strategical planning across every encounter. Victorious accomplishment lies at the forefront of combative sequences, with the team desiring players to achieve a sense of genuine fulfillment. Character customization is also present to enhance stats and learn skills.

Basic skills come in the following four varieties:

  • Fighter – Prioritizes physical attack power and high move number usage
  • Samurai – Critical-centric strikes
  • Mage – High-risk, high-reward offensive spells
  • Sorcerer – Status ailment focus

You can view the teaser trailer for The Use of Life below. It is releasing for PC via Steam as Early Access in Spring 2022.

Also during the Playism 2022 game show event, the publisher revealed a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Momodara title, Momodora: Moonlit Farewell. This series boasts qualitative art, sound, and combat design, and this latest entry seems no different. Developer Bombservice has launched the game’s Steam page, hosting various information.

Moonlit Farewell takes place five years following the conclusion of Momodara III. Koho Village’s matriarch sends their most adept priestess, Momo Reinol, to investigate the ringing of a seemingly ominous bell heard in the distance. Demons have begun populating the premises too, and the village denizens hope that apprehending the culprit behind this occurrence will protect the Lun Tree’s, their hub for vitality and restoration.

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