Tsukihime Remake Will Be Released in Japan for PS4 and Switch in 2021

Tsukihime Remake Will Be Released in Japan for PS4 and Switch in 2021

During the Fate Project New Year’s Eve TV Special 2020, Type-Moon finally announced a release date for the Tsukihime Remake announced in 2008. Under the title Tsukihime – A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-, the new version of the Nasuverse visual novel will be available in Japanese for PS4 and Switch in summer 2021. At this moment, a western release hasn’t been announced.

Tsukihime tells the story of a young boy called Shiki Tohno. An event changed his life forever in the past and, since then, he can see death lines all around him. After years of living with a foster family, his father’s death forces him to go back to the Tohno mansion, where his younger sister (Akiha) and two maids (Kohaku and Hisui).

As serial killings happen in town, his life will be changed forever when he meets a mysterious blonde woman called Arcueid Brunestud. Past events Shiki would rather have completely forgotten will come back to haunt him as the player goes through its multiple routes.

The game is written by Kinoko Nasu, with character designs by Takashi Takeuchi. It’ll include an opening animation by studio Ufotable, and ReoNa will perform the song. The background music will be composed by Hideyuki Fukasawa (Mahoutsukai no Yoru) and Keita Haga, who also worked on the original Tsukihime and multiple Fate works.

Unlike the original visual novel, the characters will be voiced this time, with Ryousuke Kanemoto as Shiki; Ikumi Hasegawa as Arcueid; Kaede Hondo as Ciel; Kana Ichinose as Hisui; Yuuki Kuwahara as Kohaku; and Shino Shimoji as Akiha Tohno. Omitted in the current voice actor list is Satsuki Yumizuka, who’s shown in the opening animation. It was hinted before that she will have a more developed scenario in the remake.

Check out the new trailer:

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