Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- Shares Arcueid Brunestud’s English Profile

Aniplex has shared a new profile card for Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- on the game’s official X/Twitter account. This time we get a closer look at Arcueid Brunestud, one of the main heroines of the franchise.

Tsukihime was the first visual novel developed by TYPE-MOON, making it the very first game written by Kinoko Nasu of Fate/Stay Night fame in a partnership with illustrator Takashi Takeuchi. Though the title shares many of its in-universe lore with other Nasu works, its focus was instead on serial killing cases and vampires.

While the original game came out in 2000, a remake was announced back in 2008 but its first part, A piece of blue glass moon, only released in Japan in 2021. The remake covers the Near Side of the Moon, leaving the Kohaku, Hisui, Akiha and teased Satsuki routes to the upcoming second part, The other side of red garden.

Check out our previous coverage of the game’s announcement and the protagonist’s profile:

In A piece of blue glass moon, we play as a young man called Shiki Tohno who has the mystic power of seeing death lines on people, animals, and even objects. As mysterious death cases have been happening in town, he ends up getting closer to a mysterious woman with a very innocent aura, Arcueid Brunestud.

However, Arcueid’s true identity is of a vampire princess. While her personality is far too different from what Shiki would expect of those “creatures of the night,” his impactful first encounter with this woman will lead them to become partners hunting some individuals who are causing an uproar in the underbelly of society.

Arcueid’s full profile explains how the character has an innocent appearance and acts cheerful and friendly. However, as a True Ancestor, she has unbelieavable powers and can even live under the sun without being harmed by its rays. She’s voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa in the remake.

tsukihime a piece of blue glas moon arcueid brunestud profile

Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- is coming west on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2024. A PC edition has also been revealed by TYPE-MOON on their Ace magazine Volume 15 but there has been no more information about it since then.

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