Adult Otome Games ‘Tsuki no Onna, Kawa no Tenshi, Kami Meku Toki.’ and ‘Hime no Rakuen’ English Versions Announced by Succulent and 072 Project

Developer Succulent and publisher 072 Project have announced the English editions of the otome visual novels Tsuki no Onna, Kawa no Tenshi, Kami Meku Toki. and Hime no Rakuen. These titles were developed for PC and aim at a public aged 18 and higher, including explicit scenes as part of their stories. They’ll be available in English and Chinese and more details should be revealed in the future.

Tsuki no Onna, Kawa no Tenshi, Kami Meku Toki. tells the story of a young woman called Hidari Takanagi. She lives alone on the outskirts of the city and dreams of becoming an actor and scriptwriter. One day, she finds a young man who looks beautiful and the two become quick friends, opening their hearts to one another. However, unbeknownst to her, the boy is a serial killer.

Meanwhile, Hime no Rakuen is a visual novel about a princess called Kanaria whose needs are tended by her servant Aiora. She’s a member of an empire who has considerably expanded its territory as spoils of war. One day she sees the knights of a defeated neighboring country and asks her father, the emperor, to let her have one of them. The trio’s feelings are the centerpiece of the story and the game will be released in Japan on December 30, 2023.

No release windows have been announced for the games as of yet, and the first one already has a Japanese Steam page. Details about how the English translations will be released are still up in the air but the developer has assured players that they’ll have a proper English edition rather than machine-translated ones.

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