Bisexual Twins’ Romance Competition Visual Novel ‘Trouble Comes Twice’ Coming to Steam in July; itch Next Week

Foxglove Games has announced that their upcoming visual novel Trouble Comes Twice will be available on Steam on July 14, 2023. The developers were originally aiming for a June release, but had to delay it slightly due to unforeseen circumstances. The version will still release on the original date: June 29, 2023.

Trouble Comes Twice tells the story of the twins Hazel and Jace. Neither of them has ever been the kind to have a serious relationship but as they get closer and closer to their 30th birthday, they decide to make a bet about scoring a boyfriend or girlfriend. Both main characters are bisexual and four love interests will be available in this romcom story.

It’s now up to the player to beat the competition and steal the heart of their chosen one before their annoying sibling one-ups them. The game’s meant to be lighthearted and full of silly, comfortable moments of enjoying the presence of the potential lovers.

Keep in mind the protagonists aren’t carbon copies of each other as they have different personalities. The boy, Jace, is a narcissistic flirt with good looks but no ambition. Meanwhile, Hazel is a talented pianist but her short fuse and social awkwardness hidden behind a haughty attitude led her to be a person of few friends.

Check out a gallery with some screenshots of Trouble Comes Twice:

Check out the Trouble Comes Twice trailer:

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