TRON: Identity Now Available on PC and Switch; More TRON Titles by Bithell Games Planned

TRON: Identity is now available on PC (Steam) and Switch. The visual novel based on Disney’s TRON franchise is developed by Bithell Games and, according to a recent interview with producer Heidy Vargas at the official Disney Fan Club D23, it’s only the first TRON game out of a planned series, with “more TRON titles to come in the future”.

TRON: Identity takes place in a new Grid (something akin to a virtual world in Tron lore) that its creator simply left to evolve without intervention. As a mysterious crime happens, detective program Query will have to look for answers. All he knows is that a break-in happened and something was stolen. Even though Query doesn’t even know what was taken, this unprecedented event may shake society. The future of this Grid may be in your hands.

Depending on how players act and interact with various unique characters, they may discover various outcomes to the story and specific endings, both good and bad. Part of the experience also revolves around finding Identity Discs, which the player will have to defrag through a unique puzzle system. According to the developer, solving these enigmas will be a big part of finding out the whole truth behind the incident.

Bithell Games has shared a few TRON: Identity trailers showcasing relevant characters Grish, Prinz, Proxy, Ada, Sierra and Cass. The first one, Grish, is a stoic security program who doesn’t seem pleased at all to meet Query, as he says it wasn’t his choice to call him in:

Meanwhile Prinz has an unwavering faith in the Users. It seems that his relationship to the case may be hard to crack.

Proxy is a skilled individual who wants to make the Repository invasion something she may profit from.

Ada is a wise individual whose knowledge may be necessary to solving the case. She has a similar role to Query’s but maybe this may lead her to be suspicious of Query depending on your choices.

Sierra was a visitor at the Repository at just the same time it was broken into. Whether he’s a victim of the circumstances or really has some blame of what happened, you’ll need to learn more about this program nonetheless.

Cass is the guard who was stationed closest to the incident. However, they claim a memory fault. It’s up to you to figure out if Cass may have been in cahoots with the culprit somehow or not.

Besides those trailers, check out our previous coverage of TRON: Identity:

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