Trinity Trigger Preview – A Nostalgic Action JRPG Experience

Developer FuRyu continues to deliver niche titles across multiple genres. Ones that stand out are The Alliance Alive, The Legend of Legacy, and The Caligula Effect. While I wouldn’t call them masterpieces, they each feature an all-star team of developers to tell well-crafted stories. Their action RPG Trinity Trigger is no different. It features character designer Raita Kazama of Xenoblade fame and scenario writer Yura Kubota who worked on Octopath Traveler, among a few other prominent names. The result is a gorgeous adventure set to come west later this month, and we had a chance to play some of the English build.

During my time with Trinity Trigger, I explored a ton, took on a mission, and fought some baddies. The game flow was familiar, but the characters added a decent amount of charm that made me curious about their common goal and reason for being a group. The party consists of Cyan, Elise, and Zantis.

Cyan is fated to bring chaos to the world after being chosen by the God of Chaos as their warrior. However, he decides to fight back, which is seen as a losing battle, but he still presses on. While playing, I only got a taste of the chemistry between the characters, but they seem playful and still respect each other’s strengths. The developer wanted to deliver a nostalgic ’90s experience to modern players, and these interactions and world-saving mission definitely give off those vibes.

Trinity Trigger 3

Combat in the game is similar to other action titles such as Ys, where players can switch to any party members to take advantage of enemy weakness. However, the action is unique, with each character having the option to wield different weapon types so players can customize their party. Further, weapons are tied to an equipment wheel for easier access and on-the-go re-equipping.

While switching to characters and utilizing their skills is possible, players can also team up with two of their friends who can take control of the other party members. While I couldn’t play this mode, I’m interested to see the various strategies players will develop to take down some of the bosses.

The combat system isn’t as fast as other action RPGs, but there are several skills and abilities that players have access to keep combat varied. Further, enemy attacks are telegraphed to allow time to dodge out of the way and avoid damage. My experience with combat continued this trend of familiar gameplay systems, but everything felt comfortable and responsive, which kept me progressing, even through a challenging boss encounter.

Trinity Trigger 2

XSEED has gone all in for an English audio option, which works incredibly well. Each character’s voice reflects their personality, but there’s also an option for Japanese audio for all you purists out there. As I get older, I get lazier, and I want lines of dialogue read to me.

Graphical, Trinity Trigger retains a very charming design. It’s reminiscent of the developer’s other titles but more detailed. Even in their overworld form, their expressions can be seen, but their illustrations during dialogue are criminally  good.

Trinity Trigger 1

Trinity Trigger has left me impressed after playing. The game’s combat and multiplayer elements give me a reason to invite my friends to a game for a nostalgic action RPG adventure together. The story is also a highlight because nothing beats fighting against fate and defying the gods.

Trinity Trigger is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam in North America on April 25, 2023.

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